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Short Summary

The KZX Engine, developed by Grand Dog Studio, is an award winning 3D game engine designed for video game development in both 2D and 3D perspectives. This free game engine is the first of its kind to be developed in the Netherlands and is available for download. Development began in 2014 and has since been continued by a small team. While the KZX Engine is currently a freeware game engine, it is licensed with proprietary software. The engine was created using the powerful C++ programming language and OpenGL for graphical rendering, while Lua serves as its standard integrated scripting language. However, it is worth noting that the KZX Engine is currently only available on the windows operating system and only supports the windows build export feature within the game editor.

Completely for Free

Yes, KZX Engine is completely for free the KZX Engine has no additional paid licenses or royalty fees for any commercialization of your product made with our software. Everything you make with our engine is for free for you to distribute, read our proprietary license for more information. visit our license.


With KZX Engine, you can easily use any texture file to make an PBR, Standard or empty material, our material system has multiple easy shader functions. The KZX Engine material pipeline was made similar to the popular unity game engine.

Lua Scripting

Believe it or not, you don't need many experience to make a script using Lua, you can follow many tutorials on youtube or you can ask for help in our discord community. Join the Community

Advanced Editor

KZX Engine has a very clean and modular user interface within the editor, the KZX Editor was made for beginning developers to navigate more easier and to use the editor more professional. New features are added regularly to improve the KZX Engine.

Realistic Game Physics

We created this with the help of the powerfull Bullet3 physics library, a awsome frontier of dynamic physics and kinematics. We created a realistic physics functionality with just a few clicks you have fully dynamic physics and gravity on your physical objects.!

Example Demo

KZX Engine provides you with free playable demo for you to discover, this demo was pre-builded but do contain a set of variety of content to be adjusted to your likings and to learn from them. This demo has been fully created and rendered within the KZX Engine.

Sponza - Graphics Demo

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